Kinetic Panel 3.5

Kinetic Panel 3.5 is here, and it comes with a new feature, the Firewall Manager.

This feature was fast tracked to help with the recent uptick in bots. It allows you to block IP addresses from accessing your server. This is useful if you're getting a lot of bots trying to login to your server. It comes with the plus of also being useful for locking down your server, if you're using a proxy.

Firewall Manager


The Firewall Manager can be found under the advanced tab in the server menu. Here IPs can be blocked from accessing your server. A blocked IP here wont even be able to ping your server, its fully block from connecting, or pining the IP.

The Firewall manager also allows you to set access to set IPs. An example of where this might be useful is say you have a player stats web portal running from your server. You only want set people to be able to see this. You can lock down connections then allow your IP to connect.

You can also do this with servers. So is essential for when locking down and setting up a proxy/bungee network.

More info on the Firewall Manager can be found here.

Some Smaller Changes

There have also been some small tweaks and changes to the UI. Improving the UI for more screen sizes, and fixing some bugs. The toggles and drop downs on the menu will now also save the state they were in when you last visited the page.

A Recap

Over the past few weeks we have been doing smaller updates to our panel. A change to our update cycle means that we no longer hold smaller features back for larger updates. Instead we push them out as soon as they're ready.

A recap of some the new changes are:

  • Added quick server select to the top nav bar
  • Max server name upped from 17 letters to 100 letters
  • Fixed menu not being correctly clickable on mobile
  • Reinstall/reset button has been added to the files manager, rather than being hidden in advanced
  • Popup added for first users to let them know about the Help Site and welcome them to the panel
  • Copy on click in the SFTP section has been fixed
  • Fixed Spigot not showing on version installer
  • Fixed subdomains not being freed when a server is removed
  • Added proxy versions to the Minecraft version drop down
Last updated on June 28, 2023