Kinetic Panel 3.4

Its that time again, another update is now live for the Kinetic Panel. Like the past few updates, improvements have most been based around fixing bugs, and improving the UI. However, we have added a few new features.

Speedy Loads

This updates comes with some optimizations to our panel. Meaning faster load times, and less lag when using the panel. You should fine that panel feels just a bit more snappy now.

Reverse Proxy

We've added a new feature to the panel, Reverse Proxy. This allows you to proxy a domain to a port on your server. An example of this might be when using a web map. It would normally be your IP followed by the port the map is on. Lets say

Now you can point a domain to your IP, then set the domain to connect to the port. So map.noot.xyz would point to directly to your map without the need for a port

You can read more about it here.

Please note that this is on a slow rollout, as it requires some changes to our nodes. So it might not work for you yet, but it should start working soon.


Updated Version Installer

We've updated our version installer so all jars are now on our internal API. Before some version pulled from a 3rd party. While this was convenient for us, frequent downtime on their end made it less convenient for you. That teamed with an issue on our installer, that meant if one API was down, everything was down, we've decided to move everything to our own API.

Not all jars have been moved yet, but we're working on it. If you need a jar that isn't on our API, please open a support ticket.