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Solving A Minecraft Crash

How to solve a Minecraft crash

Sometimes your Minecraft server will crash. This isn't common when playing normal Minecraft, but once you start running mods and plugins it can become more common.

Server Locking Up

If your server has locked up and is not responding to any commands or inputs. First, check the Overview page. If the RAM value is over your allocated amount, this means your server has run out of RAM. If this keeps happening you may need to upgrade your server. Please reach out to our support team, or see the help tips on this site.

Fixing a Locked-Up Server

If a server is locked up, press the stop button, then the kill button. This will force-stop the server, allowing you to start it again.

Finding A Fix For A Crash

If your server keeps crashing, the best way to find a fix for it, is to read your crash reports. These can be found in the file manager, then the crash report folder. Have a read of the latest one, this should point you in the direction of a mod/plugin causing the issue.

If you have no crash reports, also check the log files.

If your server keeps crashing, please reach out to our support team.

Last updated on June 14, 2023