Minecraft (Java)
Installing A Modpack

How to install a modpack on a Minecraft server

Installing a modpack on our panel is simple. We support all modpacks, even custom ones made by yourself.

When installing a modpack, you have two paths to take. You can upload the modpack, or you can use our modpack installer. We’ll fist cover using the modpack installer, however, if you’re running your own custom modpack, you’ll want to just right to the upload section

Modpack Installer

Modpack Installer

To install a modpack via our installer, first, select the platform your modpack is hosted on. You can do this with the drop-down at the top. You can choose from Curse Forge, FTB, Technic, Modrinth, or Void Wrath.

Once you've selected your platform, you can choose from a selection of the most popular packs, or search a pack name to see more results. Once you've found the pack you're looking for, select the version, then press install.

This will download the files and set everything up for you.

Panel-Generated Packs

Some packs might have a version marked Panel Generated. These are for packs that the mod developers haven't made server files for. In this case, our panel will try to build the server files for you. However, due to changes with the Curse Forge API, this feature may not be able to download all the mods for you. So please keep this in mind when using.


If the modpack you want to use isn’t listed or is your own custom modpack, you’ll need to upload it yourself. If reading isn’t your thing, we’ve made a fancy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wpabl5rOylo (opens in a new tab)

Alright, first we need to upload the files of your pack. So this should be the mods, configs, etc. You can do this via the file manager. This is found under the manage option.

The best way to upload your files is the first zip them. Once this zip is uploaded, you can then unzip the files, by pressing the unarchive button.

If you’re told one of your files is too big, then you’ll need to use SFTP to upload the files.

Once the files are uploaded, you now need to select the correct version. You can do this by uploading your own jar or using our version manager.

Last updated on June 14, 2023