Minecraft (Java)
The Basics
What Is TPS?

What is TPS in Minecraft

TPS or ticks per second is the clock Minecraft runs on. Everything in Minecraft will run on these ticks. In Minecraft, there should be 20 ticks per second.

If a server is running under 20 tps, this means the ticks are delayed, and you’ll start to feel it when playing. For example, you make mined a block, and then need to wait a few moments for the server to realise it’s been mined.

It’s not just block mining that a low tps will impact, but all factors of the game. Such as furnace smelting times, crops growth, mobs, etc

Why Do I Have Low TPS?

Low tps is most common in modded, but can also be an issue in unmodded, and can be caused by a number of factors.

In base Minecraft lots of hoppers, droppers, and big Redstone contraptions can all cause tps issues. Along with lots of ground items, or mobs

In modded, tps issues can be caused by poorly coded mods and mods that increase the factors listed above.

How To Fix Low TPS?

This isn’t always a simple task. One tool we recommend is Spark Profiler: https://spark.lucko.me/download (opens in a new tab)

Running this will allow you to take a deep look into your server, and see what the cause of the low tps might be.

Another thing you can do is make sure your server is fully optimised. For that, you can read our guide here.