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How To Upload Files

How To Upload Files

There are two ways to upload files to your server. One is via the File Manager, the other is via SFTP. Here we'll cover the file manager. For SFTP please see the SFTP page.

SFTP or File Manager

SFTP can be used if your files are too big for the file manager. The file manager has a max upload size. If you see an error that a file is too big, then please use SFTP to upload the file.

Upload File

Uploading files is simple. If you're uploading folders, we'll need to first zip up the file. If you're just uploading a file or jar, then this can be uploaded directly.

To zip a file, on your PC right-click, look for send to, then compressed zip folder. If you're on Windows 11, you might need to press show more options first.

Once you have the zip or the files you would like to upload, drag the files over the file manager window. This will start the upload. You can also press the upload button, and navigate to the files.

Once the files have been uploaded, you can unzip any zip filers by right-clicking and then pressing unarchive

Moving Files and Folders

If you've uploaded your files to the wrong place you can move them by right-clicking then pressing move. Here you can enter the location you want to move the files.

If you want to move the files backwards you can use ../

So if your file is in world/config/common and you want it just in config. Put a ../ in the move box. If you would like to move back more than once, you can do ../../

This would move the file into the world folder.

Last updated on June 14, 2023