Using The Panel
Change Game

Changing Game


Most games will require a Dedicated IP as they require multiple ports to be open on your system.

The feature is in Beta, we are working to simplify the process.

Using the Game Swap Tool you can change the game your server is running anytime. Note that most games will need a Dedicated IP you can order one here: (opens in a new tab). Some packages will already come with a dedicated IP. See the bottom of this page.

Selecting Your Game

To change a game, head to the Change Game section of the panel. Here you can see a list of all the games we offer. Please note that games marked with LIMITED SUPPORT, means our panel supports the game, but our support staff might not be able to help you if you run into issues. Use these games at your own risk.

Once you've selected the game you want, you'll be greeted with this information box

Change Game

Here you have to opt to reinstall your server, or just change the game type. Reinstalling your server will remove all your current files. So if there is anything you want to keep, be sure to make a backup.


If you don't reinstall your server, then you might have boot issues. A full reinstall is strongly recommended.

Setting The Correct Port

Now your server is installed, we need to set the correct port. To do this, we're going to head to the Network & Ports option under Advanced.

Here you need to change the primary port. Select the port for the game you're running for the list below.

If you don't have these ports in your Network & Ports section, then you may need to order a Dedicated IP.

Game Port List

Here is a list of some game ports. You can see more here: (opens in a new tab)

Minecraft - 25565

Minecraft: Bedrock - 19132

Satisfactory - 7777

Valheim - 2456

Rust - 28015

Ark - 7777

Garry's Mod - 27015

7 Days To Die - 26900

Project Zomboid - 8766

Terraria - 7777

Unturned - 27015

V Rising - 9876

Packages That Come With Dedicated IPs

All game server packages apart from Minecraft, and Minecraft Bedrock packages come with a dedicated IP.

Last updated on June 14, 2023