Minecraft (Java)
Installing Simple Voice Chat

How to install a simple voice chat

To install Simple Voice Chat upload the plugin/mod to the plugin or mods folder. This can be done via the File Manager.

Now its been uploaded, we need to open its port, to do this we're going to go to the Network & Ports section. This can be found under advanced.

Opening Port

On the Network & Ports page, press open port. This will give you a random port number. Copy this port number. For this example the port is 12345

Now head to the simple voice chat config. This will be in different locations depending on what version you have.

Config Locations

On Fabric/Quilt, the server config file is located in config/voicechat/voicechat-server.properties

On Forge, the server config file is located in YOU WORLD FOLDER/serverconfig/voicechat-server.toml

On Bukkit/Spigot/Paper config file is located in plugins/voicechat/voicechat-server.properties

Once in here, we're looking for the port option. Once you've found it, set this to the port you copied before. For this example, it should now be 12345

That's It

You're all done, just restart the server.

Last updated on June 14, 2023