Minecraft (Java)
Managing A Server
How To Change A Servers View Distance

Setting the view distance on a Minecraft server

Like on your client, the server also has a View Distance. This is maximum of how far a player can see on your server. So if a player has their client set to 12, and your server is set to 10. They still wont be able to see past those 10 chunks.

Changing The Distance

By default your server will be set to 10. This is just what Minecraft has servers default to. To change this we're going to head to Server Configuration under on Game Tools. Here we're looking for VIEW-DISTANCE. If you can't find it press CTRL and F and search for VIEW-DISTANCE.

You can set this value to chat ever you want. This will add more stress to your server, so we don't recommend you set it too hight, as you will cause lag issues.

What Is a Chunk?

A chunk is 16 x 16 blocks.

Last updated on May 11, 2023