Minecraft (Java)
Managing A Server
Set A Message of The Day

How to change the motd on a Minecraft server

The Message of The Day or MOTD is the message players see on the multiplayer menu.

To set this we're going to head to the Server Configuration section under Game Tools. You can also do this by heading to the file manager, and then looking for the server.properties file.

Setting The MOTD

We now need to look for the box marked MOTD. To quickly find this press CTRL and F and search in motd.

At the moment it will likely be set to A Minecraft Server, but now we can change it to whatever we want. If we want a more fancy MOTD we can add colour codes and formatting.

The best way to do this is with a MOTD generator, like this one here: https://minecraft.tools/en/motd.php (opens in a new tab)

You're All Set

Once you've applied the changes you want to make, just restart your server.

If you can't see the message make sure to hit refresh on the multiplayer menu.

Last updated on June 14, 2023