Minecraft (Java)
The Basics
Changing Java Version

How to change the Java version on a Minecraft server

Newer versions of Minecraft now require a newer version of Java. This can be different depending on what you’re running, but to know the correct version of Java needed, a good rule to follow is:

1.18+ (All versions) – Java 17

1.17 (All versions) – Java 16

1.16 (Paper and Arclight) – Java 11

All lower versions and 1.16 (if not running paper or arclight) – Java 8

Running The Wrong Version

If you’re running the wrong version, your server will not load. Our panel should detect this is the case, and show you this box

This box will allow you to select the correct version of Java java image

You can also change the Java version on the server overview page.


All our servers come with both the normal Java JRE and the Graalvm JRE. Graalvm is a more optimised version of the JRE. As such it can help with lowering RAM usage on your server.

Last updated on June 14, 2023