Using The Panel
Download Your Files

Download Your Files

If you're leaving Kinetic Hosting, don't want your server for a while, or just want to make a backup. You may want to download all your server files.

The best way todo this would be to make a backup, and then download this.

Make A Backup

Head to the backup manager, and press create backup.

Once the backup has been made, press the three dots, and download it.

You'll now have all your files downloaded to your PC inside a compressed file.

Accessing Your Files

At the moment they're in a compress file. If you plan to come back to Kinetic Hosting, and wont access you files until then. You can just keep this file in the safe place. Then when you have your server again, upload the file, and press unarchive.

If you're leaving Kinetic Hosting for another host, or just want the files. Download a program called 7 ZIP (opens in a new tab)

You can then uncompressed you file using 7 ZIP by right-clicking.

Another Way

If you don't want to download you files this way. You can login to your server via SFTP and download them all. More info on SFTP can be found on the SFTP page.