Minecraft (Java)
The Basics
Uploading Your Own World

How to upload your own mod to a Minecraft server

You can upload your own world via our file manager or SFTP. In this example, we'll going to be doing it via the file manager.

##Zip The World First, zip the world up on your PC. If you're moving your world over from another hosting provider, if possible do it in their panel first. That way you'll get a quicker download.

How To Zip The World

If you're using Windows. Right-click on the world folder (Shift and right-click if on Windows 11), press send to, then Zip folder.

Upload The Zip

Now upload that Zip to your panel. You can do this by heading to the file manager and pressing the upload button.

Unarchive the Zip

Minecraft won't be able to read the world as a Zip, so we now need to Unarchive the Zip. To do this right-click it on the panel, and press Unarchive.

Set The World

Now it's uploaded and no longer in the Zip, we need to set the world for the server to load. To do this, head to the server overview page, and put the name of the folder you uploaded into the world box.

Last updated on June 14, 2023