Minecraft (Java)
Managing A Server
Set A Server Icon

How to set a server icon on a Minecraft server

The server icon is the image you see on the left side of the multiplayer menu.

To set one you'll first need a png that is 64 x 64 in size. You can check the size of an image by pressing right-click then properties on your PC. Then head to the details tab.

If your image is too big, don't worry, we can resize it. Head here: https://www.simpleimageresizer.com/ (opens in a new tab)

Upload your image, press the dimension button, and then put 64 in both boxes.

This might lose the quality in your image, so it's best to have your icon be designed to be 64 x 64.

Upload Icon

Once you have the right size, upload the image to the server. Then rename the png to server-icon.

That's It

You're all set, just restart the server

If you can't see this image, give it a little while, it might show up later. If after a while you still can't see the image, check to make sure the image is a png, is the right size, and is called server-icon.

Last updated on June 14, 2023