Minecraft (Java)
Installing Geyser

How to install Geyser on a Minecraft servers

Geyser allows bedrock players to join your server.

First, to install geyser we need to be running a server software that supports bukkit plugins. We recommend Paper, but Bukkit/Spigot will also work.

Once this is installed, head to the plugins folder.

Download Geyser from here: https://ci.opencollab.dev//job/GeyserMC/job/Geyser/job/master/ (opens in a new tab)

You’ll be needing the version for Spigot. So Geyser-Spigot.jar

We’re also going to be downloading Floodgate. If we don’t use Floodgate Bedrock players will have to log in with their Java account before joining the server.

You can download Floodgate here: https://ci.opencollab.dev/job/GeyserMC/job/Floodgate/job/master/ (opens in a new tab)

We’re looking for the Jar called floodgate-spigot.jar

Now upload both these jars to the plugin folder, and restart the server

Opening Port

Alright, now we have the plugins installed, we now need to open the port. Head to the Network & Ports section on the panel, and open a new port. This will give you a random port. In our case, we're going to say the port is 23345

We now need to set this port in the Geyser Config. You can find the Geyser Config in the Plugins folder.

Look for the section marked at port, it will be set to 19132 by default. If you're having an issue finding it, press CTRL and F on your keyboard while clicked into the text editor, then paste 19132 into the search box.

Once we've found the setting, replace 19132 port with your newly opened 23345 port. Then restart the server again.

All Done

You're all set, Bedrock players can now join your server with your IP and the 23345 port.

Missing Skins

Sometimes, you might find that Bedrock skins are now showing on your server. If this is the case, you can add this plugin and mod to solve the issue. Your client will need to be running Fabric.

Download this mod to your client: https://github.com/Camotoy/BedrockSkinUtility/releases (opens in a new tab)

Add this plugin to your plugins folder: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/geyserskinmanager.88607/update?update=385695 (opens in a new tab)

Last updated on June 14, 2023