Minecraft (Bedrock)
Updating Server

Updating Minecraft Bedrock Server

Via Auto Updates

Updating your bedrock server is simple. First head to the overview page on the panel.

Here you’ll see the version box. To update the server put the new version number in this box, and restart the server. If you would always like your server to be running the latest version, put latest in the box.

The server will download all the files and update them for you.

The Manual Way

Sometimes it can take a little while for our auto-update system to grab an update, if you don't want to wait, here is how you can update the server yourself.

First head to the Minecraft website: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/download/server/bedrock (opens in a new tab)

Here download the software for the Ubuntu version.

The preview version is for the Bedrock Preview, and the normal version is for the normal bedrock client.

Upload The ZIP

This will have downloaded as a ZIP file. Upload this ZIP to your server. To do this head to the file manager, press the upload button, or drag the ZIP onto the file manager page.

Right-click the ZIP you've just uploaded and press unarchive.

Fixing File Permissions

Next look for the file marked bedrock_server. Right-click and press permissions, and make sure this is set to 755.

All Done

You're all done, start your server backup in the new update.

Last updated on June 14, 2023