Minecraft (Java)

How To Install Dynmap on a Minecraft Server

To install Dynmap youu first need to download the plugin/mod. Dynmap has version for a number of loaders. If you're using Bukkit, Paper, or Spigot you'll need to upload Dynmap to the plugins folder. If you're using Fabric or Forge you'll need to upload it to the mods folder.

Once you've uploaded it, restart the server. Once the server has restarted, you'll need to open the port for Dynmap. To do this head to the Network & Ports section. This can be found under advanced.

Copy the random port number it gave you.

We now need to look for the Dynmap config.

Config Locations

On Fabric/Quilt the server config file is located in config/dynmap/configuration.txt On Forge the server config file is located in YOU WORLD FOLDER/config/dynmap/configuration.txt (Might be in the config folder in older versions) On Bukkit/Spigot/Paper config file is located in plugins/dynmap/configuration.txt

Once in here, we're looking for the web port option. Once you've found it, set this to the port you copied before.

Reboot the server again.

Viewing The Map

You can now view the map at your IP and the port you set. For example, if your IP is and the port is 4444. You can go to http: to view the map.

If you would like you domain to have https or a domain. You'll need to setup a reverse proxy. You can find out how to do that here (opens in a new tab).

Last updated on June 14, 2023