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Find Your Steam ID

Finding Your Steam ID

Your Steam ID will be used in a number of games to allow things such as admin access. Some games have an easy way of finding your ID, while others don't. In this guide, we'll show you how to find your ID.

Finding Your Account Name

First, we need to find your true account name. This will be the name you use when logging into Steam, not your profile name.

So my account name is sleepingtea, but my profile name can be whatever I like.

If you no your account name, then you can skip this step.

Finding Your Account Name - New Steam

As of 2023 when we're making this help page, steam is redoing its UI. If you're using their new UI, it will look like this


If this is the case, the URL section on Steam will already be enabled. Head to your profile. Under the main nav, there will be a URL. At the end of that URL is your Steam account name


Finding Your Account Name - Old Steam

If you're using the old Steam layout, you'll need to enable the URL in settings.

At the top head to View, then go the Settings in the dropdown.

From there head to interface, then Display Steam URL Address Bar.

You can then head to your profile like with the new UI to grab your account name.

Finding your ID

To find your ID, head to this site, and past on your account name:

https://www.steamidfinder.com/ (opens in a new tab)

Most games are looking for steamID64 (Dec) ID.

Last updated on June 14, 2023