Install Snapshots

To install a Snapshot, you first need to get the snapshot server files. If you have this already, then just skip past all this waffle.

Before you carry on, if you already have a world, we recommend taking a backup using our data vault. Backing Up Your Server – Kinetic Hosting Help

Getting The Server Jar

To get the server jar open the Minecraft launcher. Then press on installations. Once here make sure the box in the top right labelled snapshots is ticked.

If this is the case, press the new button in the top left. Then under version head to the snapshot your want to download.

Here you’ll see the real small server download button.

It’s there, can you see it? It’s really small 😀

Press that button, and it will download there server jar for you.

Getting The Jar On Your Server

This bit is nice and simple, just follow this here: Uploading Your Own Jars – Kinetic Hosting Help

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