Changing Version

Sometimes you don’t always want to be running the same version of Minecraft in your server.

Luckily, it’s nice and simple to swap out your Minecraft version.

Simply head to the configuration tab at the top, then to advanced. Here you’ll see a box labelled “Install different edition”. In here you can select the type of jar you want to load and the version.

Before you carry on, if you already have a world, we recommend taking a backup using our data vault. Backing Up Your Server – Kinetic Hosting Help

Server Not Loading

If once you’ve changed your Minecraft version, the server isn’t loading. Please check to make sure the correct jar is set to load in your startup settings.

To find your jar name, head to the file manager. You’ll see it in the root folder. Most cases it will be called what you installed, so bukkit.jar or minecraft_1.16.jar. Or another name along those lines.
Copy the jar name, then head to the startup settings page. You can find this under configuration and then startup parameters.

Here you’ll find a box called Server Jar File. Put the name of the jar you want to load in here, and then press Update Startup Parameters.

Try and load the server again.
If it’s still not working, then please contact our support team

Version Missing?

You can upload your own jar files. Just follow the instructions here: Uploading Your Own Jars – Kinetic Hosting Help

If the version you want is not listed on there, then please contact support, and we’ll upload it to your server for you.

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