Starting Your Server

So you now have your lovely new Kinetic Hosting server. Let’s get it online. First, you’ll need to login to our game panel. If you’re not sure how to do that, please check here: Panel Login – Kinetic Hosting Help


Let’s Get Started!

Alright, so you’ll all logged in now. You should be seeing this page. If you’ve only just ordered your server, it will say installing at the top and when you press on the server. If this is the case, wait for the server to complete installing. Sometimes you need to reload the page for it update that it’s completed. Server installed should take no longer than a few minutes. If your server has been installing for more than 15 minutes, please contact support. To start using your server, just press on it.

The Console

Here is your console, the main heart of your server. Here you’ll be able to see all the ins and outs of your server. You can also start, stop, restart, and kill the server. If you would like to know more about the kill button you can here: Kill Button – Kinetic Hosting Help

To start your server, it’s as simple as pressing the start button. The console will then fill with information and then tell you when the server is online.

Unless you selected a pre-install at the checkout, your server will be running the latest version of your game. So if you selected Minecraft, but didn’t pick a version, plugins software, or modpack, it will just have the base game at the latest version. 


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