Custom Domain

At the moment, you can’t manage domain names on our panel. We are working on this, and should be coming sometime soon!

If you would like a custom domain name for your server, you can do it using domains DNS settings.

Getting a Domain

The first thing you’ll need to do is pick yourself up a domain. You can do this from a number of providers.

Once you have your domain, we recommend using Cloudflare.



First thing you’ll need to do is point your new domain to Cloudflare. To do this, make an account with Cloudflare and then follow the steps it provides.

Once everything is set up with Cloudflare, you can now work to point it to your server.

If you don’t want to use Cloudflare, then you can just skip this step, and edit the DNS settings on your domain registrars website.


DNS Settings

Alright, now you need to set some DNS settings to point your domain to your server. If you’re using Cloudflare go to your dashboard, press on your domain name, and then press DNS at the top.

Okay, now you need to pick what you want your domain to be. Do you want your connection to just be your domain, so for example, or do you want it to be something like

If you want it to just be something like this, without a subdomain, find the A record that’s named after your domain. You’ll know if its an A record or not, as will have an A next to it under type. Press the edit button. Then replace the IP in there, with your servers IP. DO NOT add the port in there 😀

If you would like your connection address to have a subdomain. Then you’ll need to add a new A record. You can do this by pressing add record. Next make sure the type is selected to A, and type what you want your subdomain to be in the name box. So, in this case, we’ll put play. In the IPv4 box put your servers IP. DO NOT add the port in there. If you’re using Cloudflare then also make sure that the proxy status is off, otherwise, this won’t work.

Next Step

That’s it, you’re done!

If you want to connect to your server, you can now use the custom domain. If your port is not 25565, you’ll need to add the port onto the end of the IP still.

So it will look like this: (Or whatever your port is)

If you don’t want the port on the end, then you’ll need to pickup a dedicated IP. To do this head to your client portal.


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